Rotti to the Rescue! Hero Rottweiler Survives Brutal Alligator Attack


Huge 9 ft. female aligator protecting her nest attacks and nearly kills this St. Petersberg, Fl families dog, Macks.

Macks, a Rottweiler, is being hailed by it's owners as a hero after protecting the families older dog who has arthritis from a viscious and hungry 9 ft. female aligator.

Family Dog Survives Brutal Alligator Attack

"Then she heard a yelp, followed by a much louder yelp, and saw her 12-year-old Rottweiler, Macks, run toward the house. Debbe's husband Bill saw an alligator get back into the water nearby, and they immediately called their other senior dog, Rocky, who …"


 Thank goodness for this St. Petersberg family they had a wonderful and courageous Rottweiler to protect them.

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