This is Why I’m a Fan of Micro-chips!

 Awww Happy Owner and Rotti ….

Grateful Owner Reunited with His Rottweiler

I micro-chip all my pups for exactly this scenario…

After disappearing during highway trip, dog reunited with owner at Longview …

““We love rabies tags,” Lauren White said in the lobby of the Longview animal shelter, where Tony Butler gently stroked the 18-month-old Rottweiler that evidently spilled from the bed of his pickup late Tuesday somewhere between Interstate 20 mile …”

It’s great to see these owners reunited with their Rott.

I know how traumatic it can be to have a lost pet – but at least I’ve never had it happen

while out of town on vacation!

In the case above the dog was identified by it’s rabies tag.  The problem with relying on

a dog’s tags is that if the tags come off or they lose their collar there is no way to identify

the animal.

My dog’s frequently catch their tags on things and lose them.

So I feel some reassurance that my loved knuckleheads will be returned to me because

their micro-chips stay with them for life.

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